HiTech Express for Trading and Saving

What is HiTech Express for trading and saving?

Is a program aimed at saving the cost of purchasing on shoppers from the site whether they are individuals or dealers. The greater the quantity of products purchased through the site, the more the shopper will be able to save more or achieve a higher profit margin when reselling the product.

Lower Prices
You get lower prices when you purchase more from Hitech Express


Higher profits
You save when you buy from Hitech Express, so you will be able to sell at a higher profit margin.


 Best service
You get better service through live chat system and direct customer service on the Hitech Express website.


Top quality
You get the finest products from the best sources of supply


Better packaging
You get better packaging for your products to be able to resell to your customers, at the lowest cost


Multiple payment methods
You get multiple and secure options for payment methods with HiTech Express Shop securely


Multiple shipping methods
You get the best shipping options with Hitech Express


What profit margin can I make when I buy from Hitech Express?

The profit margin may vary according to the buyer's requirements, the type and nature of the products and the quantities purchased, and the terms of purchase agreed upon between Hitech Express and the purchaser in the purchase contract, either from the local market or the international market. For example, the following table, available on the internal page of any Hitech Express product, shows the prices according to the quantity purchased by the shopper, where the price decreases as the quantity purchased automatically increases through the site:


What are the steps to buy in Hitech Express program for trading and saving?




Frequently questions:

Can you provide insurance for large orders?
Yes, we provide you with insurance to ship orders of high value, to minimize risks as much as possible
Do I need to pay customs clearance?
We do our best to provide customs clearance support such as providing the required documents for clearance.
How do I pay for large orders?
We pay on your behalf to factories or local and international supply sources, through bank transfer

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