Our Activities

First: E-commerce

Through its e-portal in the field of e-commerce, the company provides the first specialized direct marketing platform as one of the best sources of supply and factories, from East Asian Countries, Europe and United States to customers whether in wholesale or in retail. This platform includes many sorted innovated products and services of various categories.






Second: Support of inventors

Through its website, the company offers services to support the ideas of inventors and entrepreneurs and transform them into concrete projects, through their professional patent registration services and industrial models of inventions. Design and printing of three-dimensional models of project model Inventions are to be ready for manufacturing and marketing, in addition to offering the service of manufacturing and marketing of inventions on a local and international scale.




Third: Import and Export

Through its website or through its offices, the company offers many unique and diversified services in the field of import and export of various products through the company's own network of privileged relationships and engagements with the best supply sources and factories in China as well as its engagements and its relations with Professional shipping agents who cover all parts of the world by air, land and sea.


Company's services in import and export:

  • Search of product and submission of quotations.
  • Full supervision of order and signature of authenticated contracts with factories.
  • Supply of the various project needs to companies and factories.
  • Supply, installation, operation and maintenance of production lines and security of raw materials and their spare parts.
  • Inspection of the progress of manufacturing with the companies to be contracted in this respect to assure the goods upon completion of manufacturing then shipping them.
  • Issuance of the various papers of goods, quality and certificates of inspection and sending them to customer.
  • Sea and air shipping services and from door to door shipping.


Fourth: Organization of commercial events and international exhibitions

The company organizes many commercial events and international exhibitions in the various Chinese cities for the various industries, primarily Canton International Exhibition:





Men and women clothes

Culinary and table ware

Consumer electronics

Children clothes


Electronic and electrical products


Domestic tools

Computer and communication products

Sports and ordinary wear

Personal care products

Domestic electric appliances

Costume accessories

Water closets

Light equipment

Raw textiles and fabrics


Cars and spare parts

Carpet and clothes


External section cars


Festival products

Small  machines

Office supplies

Ceramic art

Big machinery and equipment


Art and glass works

Building machines

Sports, travel and journey products

Textile, straw and  steel arts

Tools and instruments

Consumable medical devices

House décors

Building materials and décor

Food materials and foods

Reservation and steel products

Toilet and sanitary sewerage equipment

Personal care products 

Home accessories

Chemical products

Gifts and medal products

Orchard products


Raw materials 

Smart houses

Solar energy products and systems

Guest and other supplies

Jewelry and accessories



The company provides to its customers of men and women many works of unique and various services during the period of organization of exhibitions. Plan of those exhibitions is announced on the company's website, including:

  • Attending training courses on the skills of trading and import from China
  • Hotel reservations and reception from and to the airport
  • Issuance of visas
  • Issuance of letters of invitation for commercial visit
  • Reservation of internal transport in China
  • Providing chauffeur to customer
  • Legal translation of contracts and commercial correspondences
  • Providing highly experienced and knowledgeable translators
  • Providing entry cards to exhibitions
  • Organizing commercial visits to factories that participate in the exhibitions
  • Organizing entertainment tourism programs to the landmarks of China