Import from China

Import from China


The import service from China is intended for customers who have received the quotation, or have a specific factory they want to deal with.

Service Features:
• Full supervision of the order and signing of certified contracts with the factories
• Inspection of the manufacturing process with companies contracted in this connection to confirm the goods at the end of the manufacture and then to ship them.
• Extract and send to the customer all papers on the goods, inspection and quality certificates
• Photographic coverage of our customers ' orders from production to shipping.
• Shipping, air and shipping services to the door.


Conditions of Service:

• Minimum total value for purchase of products only is 7500 riyals/2000 USD
• The time for receipt of the product is often from 5-10 days for air freight and from 21 -45 days for shipping, if otherwise, you will be told in detail.
• Haytek Express will work to reach your products as requested, in accordance with the required specifications, quality standards, packaging and product viability.

Service Fees:
For its import services, Haitek Express receives a minimum of 5% of the total invoice value of the order depending on the type of product, order value, shipping destination, and Haytek Express role in the import process.


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