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TinkerKit simplifies electronic prototyping throughout a wide variety of sensors and actuators mounted on orange-coloured boards that you can hook up to the Arduino through the Sensor Shield.

Each module uses the same 3-pin cables that can't be plugged the wrong way around. A small signal amplifier helps to stabilize the signals running on the cables, ensuring reliable transmission from the sensors even on long distances (1m-5m).

The TinkerKit has been conceived for education and design, allowing the quick setup of interactive environments, without using a soldering iron or a breadboard.

The TinkerKit is the result of years of experience in Interaction Design. For a long time it has been used as an internal tool used on client projects, it's now finally available on the market.

This TinkerKit shield fits perfectly upon an Arduino Uno, Uno R3 or Duemilanove.

The Scuola Lab is a complete pack of different TinkerKit Modules and Arduino accessories to kickstart your school's Lab.

The Scuola Lab consists in 10 Sensor Shield V.2, 10 Arduino Uno Boards, every kind of sensors and actuators in different quantities, 2 Ethernet Shields, 10 Proto PCBs, 5 Kit Workshop Without Arduino and a copy of "Getting Started With Arduino" by Massimo Banzi.

Part List

Arduino Uno Board x10

Proto PCB x10

15mm Strip 6 and 8 ways x10

strip 40x1 x4

Kit Workshop Base Level Without Arduino Board x5

Ethernet Shield x2

Getting Started With Arduino x1

Sensor Shield V.2 x10

Button Module x4

LDR Module x2

Tilt Module x2

Therm Module x2

Accelerometer Module x3

Hall Sensor x4

Rotary Potentiometer Module x5

Linear Potentiometer Module x4

Touch Sensor Module x5

Joystick Module x5

Relay Module x5

Mosfet Module x5

High Power Led Module x2

5mm Green Led Module x2

5mm Yellow Led Module x2

5mm Red Led Module x2

10mm Green Led Module x2

10mm Blue Led Module x2

10mm Yellow Led Module x2

10mm Red Led Module x2

20cm Cables x20

50cm Cables x10

100cm Cables x5

Usb Cables A/B x10

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